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international moves
Adapting how to fit your needs

Moving to another country by sea container is the most complicated of all types of moves. International moves are not just a matter of preparing your goods, loading into the right size container and sending it to the destination. There are import restrictions, religious concerns, accessibility, and weather conditions.

Through Unigroup Worldwide, abbeyWood Moving & Storage has the  experience, a worldwide network of agents and the system to manage every aspect of your international move.

International Moves via Liftvan Service

Some international moves are handled in large wood containers known as liftvans. Liftvans are constructed of eco-friendly wood products. International regulations require special wood is used on all international moves.

Your goods will be prepared the same as any other international move. The main difference is that your shipment will be picked up by a local truck. They will be transferred into the liftvan.  Then the liftvan is loaded into a sea container. The process is reversed at destination.

International Moves Groupage

What happens if your shipment is too small to fill a container. Your shipment will be combined with other international moves going to the same general area. The various shippers share the cost of the sea container charges. Our overseas professionals will calculate your charges based on the percentage of the container you use.



International Moves via Full Container

Using an entire sea container is the most common form of international move. Sea containers come in 3 basic sizes, 20 foot, 40 foot, and 40 foot high cube. We are able to use combinations to accommodate your international move.




Country Information

Do you need important facts about your overseas destination. Our fact sheets can provide you with the information. your move consultant will assist you.


Let abbeyWood Moving & Storage take the stress out of your international move by customizing solutions to your needs.

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