What is a Local Move

How much will a local move cost?

The cost of your local move depends on how long it takes to move from where you live now to your new home. This usually occurs within the same urban area. Although abbeyWood Moving & Storage is located in the city of Toronto, the Greater Toronto Area extends over 75 miles from the city centre.

Local Move Service Area
Greater Toronto Area

You will be charged by the hour for your local move. That charge is based on the number of movers required to safely and efficiently handle your move. A truck and 3 man crew is more expensive than a truck and 2 men but cheaper than a truck and 4 men. The other factor is the date of your move. It is basically supply and demand. More people move at the end of the month and during the summer.  The rate also includes “worker’s compensation” and insurance.

Your move is charged from the time the truck leaves the office and returns.  Any delays, not the fault of the mover is chargeable. If you are moving from a high rise and the elevator breaks down the additional waiting time is your responsibility. The truck blows a tire going to your new home is our responsibility.

What is a short distance move?

When is a local move a “short distance” move? You are moving to a location outside the “local area” but not too far away. You don’t want the restrictions of a “long distance move”, like several days between loading and delivery. Is this what you want in a move? Depending on the distance, we offer an alternative; a long distance move charged the same as a local move.  Basically you are buying exclusive use of the truck and crew. Because of the distance, most moves load one day and deliver the next. There is an additional distance charge.

Southern Ontario Local Move Area
Short Distance Move Map

Our moving consultants and operations staff will work with you to design a move that fits your needs, time frame and budget.